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Chimney Saddles

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Chimney saddles protect the critical junction between roof and chimney. They are the fastest and most effective way to assure that your chimney remains water tight, especially during Minnesota’s snowy winters.

Sheridan Sheet Metal manufactures high quality chimney saddles for homeowners and contractors alike. The most common materials are raw galvanized steel, and copper. These materials allow the chimney saddle to be soldered which is a neccessity for a water tight seal.

Most chimney saddles are manufactured the same day they are ordered, delivery is available, and all we need are three measurements.

  1. Width of the chimney. (Remember to allow for tins and reglet on sides of chimney)
  2. Pitch of the roof. 
  3. Desired height of the saddle. (Usefull to match existing reglet lines.)

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