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Window Bay Roofs

Copper Bay window roofs

Were once were found only on high-end homes, but now many homes in the middle price range have opted for this nice looking feature. The best way to install these roofs is to build a fascia/soffit structure that will accept the roof, with the finished wood fascia installed. Now, very careful measurements are taken and the roof is built in the shop to those measurements. While the roof is being built, it’s recommended to build a shallow pitched roof on the structure and install ice and water shield. Then the roof is brought out, normally in one complete unit and installed on the structure. All this happens before any siding, stucco, or brick is installed on the wall. Ninety eight percent of bay window roofs are made with copper. Two percent are made with pre-finished galvanized steel. All have standing seams at the corners. These roofs are maintenance free and are a nice accent to your home.

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