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Other uses for metal on the outside of a building in addition to it’s good looks, it is a great choice to take care of problem areas. This includes when a valley runs into a wall or structure  (valley pan) or a window is cut into the roof (window pan). With a valley pan, the roofing and wall covering must be off so the metal can be installed on the roof and up the wall. Ice and water shield is used in this area, then the metal is installed and finally the valley installed and soldered to the metal. This area is again stripped in with ice and water, and the roofing and wall covering are installed. Basically the same scenario is followed with a window pan and, depending on the distance between the roof and the window sill, the window may have to be removed so the sill can be wrapped with metal. These are just two of the more common areas where metal can be used to take care of problems with the architecture of the roof. Metals used in these areas must be solderable, so the choices are galvanized steel, copper, and stainless steel. Keep in mind that this is a labor-intensive project so the metal choice should point toward the more noble metals.

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