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Half Round Gutter


Half Round Gutter Installation

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Half round gutter systems have been around seemingly forever. Because of their mounting options, they are still the best choice for roof lines that have a canted fascia (slanted) or incorporate a crown molding.  Half round gutters are however still widely sought after on homes with a traditional plumb fascia for their unique architectural look.

Galvanized Half Round Gutter Installation

Galvanized Half Round GutterGalvanized half round gutters are the least expensive option. They are manufactured from 26ga G90 galvanized steel and come in 10’ or 20’ lengths.  This variety of gutter has a wide range of strapping options meant to fit almost any application. They are traditionally matched with round corrugated downspouts.

Pre-Finished Steel Half Round Gutter Installation

Painted Steel Half Round Gutters are also manufactured using a 26ga G90 Galvanized steel but have Sheridan’s premium paint finish both inside and out for an added layer of protection. These Reverse Bead Half Round Gutters are roll formed to any length and may reduce the number of seams required on an installation. The mounting options for these reverse bead gutters are hanging style strap hangers or heavy duty European style straps in either a fascia or roof mounted option. All reverse bead half round gutter straps are powder coated to match our 7 standard colors. The traditional round corrugated downspouts and elbows can be used and powder coated to match the gutter, but because of the expense of powder coating, and the issue of an exact color match, a Sheridan manufactured 3 x 4 square corrugated downspout is the most popular option.

Copper Half Round Gutter Installation

Copper Half Round Gutters are the gold standard for homes of distinction in the Twin Cities. Our copper half round gutters are available in three distinct varieties. Standard Single bead, Roll Formed Reverse Bead, and World Gutter System’s European style half round gutter. Having three unique styles of copper half round gutter allows us the widest variety of products for installation in Minnesota, and options that help us fit each customer with an installation that best fits their needs. We’ve found that the customers that request copper half round gutter installations are the type of people that don’t cut corners and either do we. Sheridan’s expert installation crews solder every end cap, outlet, and seam. We use only the highest quality copper and stainless steel fasteners, and every installation is backed by our 5 year warranty.


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