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Built-in Gutter

Built In Gutter on Homes of Distinction

Built in gutter systems, (sometimes called integral, hidden, or yankee gutters.) are built into, and made a part of a buildings roof system. There concealed nature and functionality have made them a common detail on many historic homes in Minneapolis and St.Paul.

On a typical gutter system the gutter is mounted on the outside of the buildings fascia. When leaks occur on seams or miters, water falls to the outside of the building envelope. With built-in gutter systems, leaks can be critical as the water flows into the soffit or directly into the building. This is why built in gutters should be fabricated from solderable materials, and installed by reputable, experienced, industry craftsmen like Sheridan Sheet Metal Co.

Built In Gutter Materials

Galvanized steel is a popular material and typically has a functional lifetime of 15 to 20 years. This can be extended by painting the inside of the gutter with a high quality oil based paint, and proper maintenance.

Copper is a better choice for built in gutter systems as it’s easier to work with and has a greater functional lifespan which is even more important when a premium roofing material like slate, tile, or cedar is being installed. Copper built in gutter systems can last 75 or even 100 years with proper maintenance. Although the copper material itself is more expensive than it’s galvanized counterpart, ease of fabrication and  soldering go a long way towards bridging the gap in cost.

Built in Gutter Installation Experts

Choose Sheridan Sheet Metal Co for your built in gutter installation project. Our 65+ years of experience and employee craftsmen assure you of a built in gutter installation that will stand the test of time.  Call, or email us for a fast free estimate. We’re exited to discuss your project today!

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