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K style or OGEE gutter continues to be the standard for most traditional houses since the 1950’s. Where 4” was the common size a few years ago, 5” is now the norm, with 6” being used on some of the custom homes being built today.


The same development has occurred with the downspouts, 2” x 3” was the norm, now 3” x 4′ is being used on the majority of homes. The bigger downspouts were once thought to look out of scale on a home, but with careful placement they were found to accent the home, more importantly they move twice as much water as the smaller downspouts.


Our standard gutter is made from 26 Gage galvanized steel as the base metal and 28 Gage is used for the downspouts. These are available in the bare G90 galvanized or a pre-finished product with your choice of 7 standard colors.

Upgrades are available in another 30 colors if needed. Protecting the inside of the gutter is the key to why our gutters last so long. We put a full paint coat on both sides of our standard gutters.


If you are looking for another option, copper has become increasingly popular. It doesn’t corrode and all the joints are soldered for a long lasting system. The copper patinas through the years to nice green color. The only drawback to copper is that it is a soft metal so it will dent easier than the steel. The standard is 16 ounce for the 5” gutter and all sizes of downspouts and 20 ounce is used for the 6” gutter.


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