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Standing Seam Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

have become popular as an accent to the home or as a way to cover the entire roof. There are many choices of materials, bare galvanized steel, pre-finished galvanized steel, galvalume, zinc, and copper. One note about the pre-finished material is that now it is energy star rated for reflectivity and emissivity which basically means that it would cost less for cooling during the summer. Spacing on the standing seams are from 12” to 18” depending on the physical size of the area. Ice and water shield must be installed under the roof (high temperature ice and water shield with copper) and a red rosin slip-sheet before the panels are installed. If only a section of the roof is getting a standing seam roof and there is a wall area above, the flashing and trim are installed first. Any work above is then completed, and then the panels are installed. Another quality of these panels is that they can be curved for installation over an eyebrow roof or entrance canopy. One thing to keep in mind is that standing seam roofs are prone to ice and snow slides, so snow retention around walkways and doorways should be considered.

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