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European Copper Half Round Gutter Installation


Traditional Gutters Designed to Last a Lifetime

Add beauty and value to your home with a high quality European copper half round gutter installation by Sheridan Sheet Metal Co.  Euro half round Gutter is a high quality copper half round system that has been used in Europe for over a century.  When installed correctly, this gutter system will last a lifetime.

Quality Products, Expert Installation

One of the first things you’ll notice about your Sheridan European Copper Half Round Gutter Installation is the heavy duty brackets used. They are made from 3/16” thick copper and are 1” wide, with a strengthening bead in the middle. They come in both fascia and roof mount styles. Because of their thickness and simplicity, these brackets are the strongest and most budget friendly option in the industry.

The gutter itself is manufactured from 18oz European copper which seems to have a tougher more heavy duty feel than the typical copper half round. Another benefit is the metric sizing which allows this gutter a higher volume of water than its imperial counterparts.

It’s distinctive look is also accented by accessories like spherical (round) ends and its signature Star Drop Outlet that mimics a collection box for the downspouts.

Downspouts are plain round and have laser welded seams, which looks nice and functions well with this system. If you’re looking for a high quality Copper Half Round Gutter Installation this should be considered.

Excellent Value Paired With A Warranty You Can Trust

Sheridan’s ability to purchase materials mill direct allows us to pass the savings directly to our customers. Add our 5 year materials and labor warranty, an installation by our time proven employees, and its easy to see why Sheridan Sheet Metal Co. is the right choice for your copper half round gutter installation project.

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